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I'd love to have photos if you complete any of these patterns.  Please forward photos to:





I was a member in your block exchanges in prior years and collected this pattern during this time. I've been "collecting" the 2" squares for a few years and finally decided I probably had the required 1200...more like 5,000. I barely dented my supply of squares. I enjoyed this quilt. Didn't enjoy pressing the seams open, per your directions, but the rest of it was fun. I'm on a waiting list for a talented long arm quilter since I want this one customized. She anticipates getting to it in September. I'll email you another photo after I get it finished. I'm not sure what I'll bind it with, but something will come up. This is a bit bigger than your pattern calls for, but I just continued the pattern for the additional width/length. It's shown on a queen bed with 17" drops.
Gail Branner
July 2008





Hello Teajuana,
I wrote to you a few years back, I found your site in the English Patchwork and Quilting magazine as a site to look at, I was amazed by the vast amount of quilts you make. I just loved the confetti quilt and said I would send you a picture  when I had finished. I had a hard time trying to get it all into one picture as its quite big and the weather has been very damp here lately so I couldn't put it out on the washing line .I think you get the whole picture with the two photos. I still have to back it but am waiting to get a roll of decent batting then I will quilt it (by hand). I help out at the Quilters Guild in the UK  which at the moment is based in Halifax where I live.The ladies there helped me to lay it out on the tables we use for the quilts, for which I'm very grateful.
I did all the work like you said to do and stitched it all by hand. I wanted the pattern to be quite simple as I wanted to add some applique.
My thanks for the lovely free quilt.



Last year sometime I came across your pattern for the confetti scrap quilt.  I thought I could do that in my infinite wisdom I decided to cut my squares into 1.5" sizes.  Talk about fiddly and so much ironing!!!! But I digress, I am now at the stage of quilting my quilt , which will just be stitch in the ditch, nothing fancy.
I am going to give the quilt to my daughter for her 5th birthday (This Friday 31st, I do not think I will finish it by then tho!!!) The wadding and the backing of the quilt is bedding that used to belong to my Grandma before she passed away so there is family in the quilt as well as a history of materials I have used.  I thought you might like to see the quilt.
The quilt is roughly 85" x 60".  I did not have enough of the back ground so I "HAD" to go buy some more material, LOL,  so I added in sashing strips and two borders.  I am really happy with the look.
Thank you for posting the pattern/ idea onto the web.
Yours sincerely,
Julie Cruden, Perth West Aust. 5-27-2006




I made your confetti quilt from squares given to me by a friend who had a stroke and couldn't make it herself.  This was a Y2K swap and she had squares from all over the world.  I worked the pattern out so that all of the signature squares were used in the border.  It was a wonderful pattern to work with and your directions were perfect.  I hope to get it machine quilted in the next month and will send it back to my friend as a gift.  She'll be very surprised!  Dot in PA

Created 4/19/2005

Updated 07/25/2008

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